Our coaching approach allows us to identify what enabled success in the past, what is useful in the future and what may need to be left behind.  Psychological insight is at the heart of our coaching and allows for significant, lasting change based on a better understanding of the leader’s authentic style and values.

But coaching also needs to be practical – we know from experience how to develop  strategies that will work for the client and the organisation.  We have extensive experience of working at the most senior levels in organisations and the unique challenges that this creates.

Executive Coaching is ideal for high potential leaders, newly appointed senior executives, or those who prefer individualised learning, the programme is a tailored, personalised course for leaders who want to gain deeper insight into themselves, their relationships, and their results in order to become more effective and inspiring in their role.

We offer several different packages to allow potential clients to match their coaching need to the appropriate intervention. They have emerged as a result of tailored approaches to coaching for executives developed over the last 10 years, and reflect the most effective processes to meet specific coaching requirements.

We work with the client to design a tailored coaching process and can make use of  360 feedback, stakeholder engagement and psychometrics.  We embed the coaching in the current and future challenges of the business alongside the individual’s development agenda – outcomes need to work for the individual and the organisation.

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